Engine & Gearbox

With their outstanding service life and functionality, our steel tubes have established themselves in the series production processes of numerous engine and transmission manufacturers.

Our diesel injection lines meet the toughest requirements for advanced diesel engines, at pressures up to over 3,000 bar. We supply precision steel tubes made of high-tech materials specially developed for this purpose (application-specific E355 to CRG 890) as well as ready-to-install injection lines.

Our precision steel tubes for assembled camshafts are developed and manufactured to customer specifications. Starting from cut-to-length tube, we also implement further production stages, such as mechanical processing and partial hardening.

Our precision steel tubes for gear shafts are notable for their close dimensional, shape and positional tolerances, high formability and component life, optimized surface quality, and low hardening distortion.

Photo of a gear shaft

Gear Shafts

Photo of two camshafts


Photo of a diesel injection line

Diesel Injection Lines