Alternative Drives

The development and production of tubular components for future-proof drives are important aspects in the product portfolio of Mannesmann Precision Tubes. Whether hybrid, battery or hydrogen-based technology, from Mannesmann you get tailor-made, innovative solutions as well as best-practice support for your projects.

Rotor shafts for electric vehicles are components with the highest demands on eccentricity and torque load capacity. Our variable vertical integration and downstream machining capability enable us to design components that meet advanced technical requirements. We supply individual solutions to safely master high and responsive drive torques. We develop high-strength and high-ductile material solutions in cooperation with Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung to ensure optimum solutions from a single source.

Hydrogen as an energy storage medium is another important step towards lower carbon mobility. Mannesmann works with partners on tank systems to store hydrogen safely and cost-effectively in vehicles. The hydrogen stored in the tank system can be used in two ways: either in combination with a fuel cell to generate electricity for powering an electric engine, or the hydrogen is combusted in a combustion engine. Mannesmann develops the pressure lines required for both drive technologies.

Irrespective of the underlying drive concept, you can always rely on our drive shafts. We offer you the solution you need, even for spontaneous and high torque build-up.

Photo of processed steel tubes for rotor shafts

Rotor Shafts

Picture of a sideshaft

Sideshafts for Alternative Drives

Picture of three hydrogen high-pressure tanks

Hydrogen High Pressure Tanks

Hydrogen High Pressure Lines