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Corporate Policy

Our corporate policy is geared towards strengthening the position of the Mannesmann Precision Tubes Group in the international market, coupled with the exploitation of synergies within the Salzgitter AG Group. Responsible action and sustainable business practices are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Our objective is to meet the expectations of all interested parties, and especially those of our customers. In order to achieve this, a growing number of management systems are being implemented in accordance with international standards, each with specific policies in the sectors of quality, environment & energy as well as occupational health & safety. Other areas such as code of conduct, compliance, sustainability (SAQ Automotive), digitization and information security are growing in importance in our Integrated Management System.

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Gender Equality Index 2019 (Index de l’égalité professionnelle entre les femme et les hommes 2019) : 84/100

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