Heat Transfer & Renewables

Both our hot-finished tubes and cold-drawn precision steel tubes made of low-alloy C-steels and high-chromium steel grades (e.g. T9, T91, T11) are optimally designed to meet the requirement profile in the high-temperature range of power generation and industrial plants. The careful balance between cold forming and final heat treatment yields exceptional creep resistance.

In addition to the circular inside and outside diameter geometries, profiled inside and/or outside surfaces can appreciably increase the heat exchanger capacity of precision steel tubes. Mannesmann develops customized process routes for individualized section geometries. Both straight and helical shapes are possible.

Illustration of a heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Illustration of multi rifled tubes for use in steam generators / boilers

Steam Generators

Illustration of a feed water heater

Feedwater Heaters

Our tubes for the safe transmission of heat transfer media provide an important contribution towards the current change-over to power generation from renewable energy sources. Whether in biogas plants, geothermal power stations, solar fields or boilers – our steel tubes meet all the special requirements of the respective application area.

In the renewable energy sector our steel tubes are also used for hydraulic and cylinder components in wind turbines and as drill pipe in geothermal wells.