Minerals & Geotechnical Exploration

Our Drilmax® tubes for drill rods used in exploration drilling (e.g. Wireline) feature a unique combination of outstanding straightness, low residual stress levels and well-balanced mechanical properties. Drilmax® tubes can be supplied in a variety of strength classes with yield strengths ranging from 550 MPa to 950 MPa. The maximum possible deviations of the drill rods from perfect straightness do not exceed 1 mm on 6 m. This constitutes a superlative. For your benefit.

Thanks to their extremely low residual stresses, the tubes ensure robust and safe behavior during drilling operations. This minimizes the risk of string losses significantly.

Drilmax® tubes are available in a wide range of dimensions. Their outstanding wear resistance ensures maximum reliability and safety in harsh service environments. Drilmax® tubes are highly elastic and possess high mechanical strength due to their low residual stress level, and they only suffer minimum plastic deformation during drilling. In addition, our Drilmax® tubes are also ideally suited for directional drilling (e.g. HDD).

Illustration of tubes for drill rods

Drill Rods

Photo of steel tube parts for injection anchors

Injection Anchors